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adult chinese words - She loves his N-Word dick

Chinese words for sexy include 色情, 性感的 and 性感. Find more Chinese words at! Aug 06,  · We all know that Chinese can be a little challenging to learn, and one of the reasons is cultural. Certain topics are not talked about openly by most Chinese, or at least not the euphemism, those delightful ways of subtly referring to a taboo topic without outright naming it (and befuddling all foreigners in the process!).. Below is a list of Chinese euphemisms (委婉语) for sex.

Chinese words for sex include 性别, 性, 性交, 性欲 and 性爱. Find more Chinese words at! Nov 21,  · Calling someone a “stupid female reproduction system” is a very impolite way to describe a mean or disagreeable person. Yet, this is one of the most commonly used curse words in China and it can be translated as “stupid c*nt”.. NOTE – If you go to a football match in China, be prepared for thousands of angry Chinese shouting 傻屄 (shǎ bī) when something .

Jul 19,  · Here we’d like to introduce basic Chinese words and phrases which you may need in your next Chinese language survival and social situation. After this, if you want to learn and know more, just check the commonly used Chinese Conversations or HSK words. Download PDF and All Audios. Chinese Pinyin English;. Sex Penis. As in English, many Mandarin Chinese slang terms involve the genitalia or other sexual terms. Slang words for the penis refer to it literally, and are not necessarily negative words.

Chinese translation: 我不知道 (wǒ bù zhīdào) This phrase is fairly universal, and you can use it just like the way you use it in English or your native language. ‍ Start learning Chinese. That's it for our introduction to the basic Chinese words and phrases for you. Hope that it was useful.