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In early adulthood, an individual is concerned with developing the ability to share intimacy, seeking to form relationships and find intimate love. Long‐term relationships are formed, and often marriage and children result. The young adult is also faced with career decisions. Andragogy and self-directed learning: Pillars of adult learning theory. Merriam, S. B. (Ed.), The new update on adult learning theory: New directions for adult and continuing education. (pp) Blondy, L.C. (). Evaluation and application of andragogical assumptions to the adult online learning environment.

Apr 18,  · One of the most prominent theories is that of Erik Erikson, whose work is based on the psycho-sexual theory of Sigmund Freud. Another important theorist in the area of emotional development is Lawrence Kohlberg, whose work is based on the work on developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, who focused on a constructivist perspective of development. TEAL Center Fact Sheet No. Adult Learning Theories Page 1 Adult Learning Theories Adult learning theories provide insight into how. What Are Adult Learning Theories? There is no single theory of learning that can be ap-plied to all adults. Indeed, the literature of the past century has yielded a variety of models, sets of as-sumptions.

Adult Development Theory Adult development is change, a progression from simple to complex behavior, from a less differentiated state to a more differentiated state (Mirriam. ). Consequently, adult developmental theory often deals with 'stages and phases. May 09,  · The Adult Learning Theory - Andragogy. Malcolm Shepherd Knowles ( – ) was an American educator well known for the use of the term Andragogy as synonymous to adult voyeured.xyzing to Malcolm Knowles, andragogy is the art and science of adult learning, thus andragogy refers to any form of adult learning. (Kearsley, ). The term .

PSYCHOSOCIAL THEORY OF DEVELOPMENT. Erik Erikson (–) (), another stage theorist, took Freud’s theory and modified it as psychosocial voyeured.xyzn’s psychosocial development theory emphasizes the social nature of our development rather than its sexual nature. While Freud believed that personality is shaped only in childhood, Erikson proposed that personality development . Late adulthood (old age) is generally considered to begin at about age Erik Erikson suggests that at this time it is important to find meaning and satisfaction in life rather than to become bitter and disillusioned, that is, to resolve the conflict of integrity vs. has been estimated that by the year , Americans over 65 will make up 20% of the population.

Theories of Adult Psychosocial Development What you’ll learn to do: explain theories and perspectives on psychosocial development From a lifespan developmental perspective, growth and development do not stop in childhood or adolescence; they continue throughout adulthood. Nov 12,  · To encourage a culture that values knowledge and growth, develop professional development formats that support adult learning theory. Creating learning communities, peer coaching, collaborative action research and live lesson observations all support the principles of adult learning. To stand in front of a group of educators and demonstrate a learning strategy is .