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Nov 07,  · On 1 August , the adult education budget (AEB) was apportioned between the ESFA and initially 6 mayoral combined authorities (MCA’s) and . About the Adult Education Budget The Adult Education Budget (AEB) funds education and training for adults aged 19 and above Some of these qualifications funded through the AEB include basic English.

May 06,  · Adult education budget (AEB) funding rules to Sets out the rules that apply to ESFA funded AEB provision for the to funding year. Published 6 May Last updated 28 January. The adult education budget (AEB) is available to fund training that is not funded by European Social Fund, Advanced Learner Loans or Apprenticeships. The purpose of the AEB is to provide adults with the skills and learning they need to equip them for work, an apprenticeship or further learning.

May 06,  · This document sets out the details of the to ESFA funding system used to fund activity paid for from the adult education budget (AEB) and 16 to 18 traineeships. This document covers Jan 28,  · The adult education budget (AEB) combines all SFA participation and support funding that is not European Social Fund, advanced learner loans or apprenticeships. You should read this document after.

For example, if 51% of the instructional cost of a class is funded by Adult Education funds, then the students in the class can be assigned to Adult Education. If less than 51% of the instructional cost of a class is funded by Adult Education funds, then no students in the class can be assigned to Adult Education for generation purposes. Q5. What is the Adult Education Budget? The Adult Education Budget (AEB) can help kick-start careers. It’s a government-funded programme that can be accessed by employers and individuals to fund a huge range of training. It’s a great resource for employers to upskill their workforce and support staff with their career progression.

The Adult Education Budget (AEB), funds qualifications and programmes for learners aged 19+. Employers and learners can access AEB funding via their local training provider or FE College. The AEB is a great resource for employers who need to improve the skills of their workforce to meet the future challenges of automation and skills shortages. Adult Budget Worksheet Our budget worksheets are interactive and can be downloaded to excel (if you are logged in, your website entries will populate the excel spreadsheet). After you estimate your earnings, expenses and savings on the website, you can download the spreadsheet to track your actual monthly expenses.