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adult fever control - Sophia Castello Pussyman Latin Fever 1

Jul 29,  · Fever reducers can affect people of different ages differently. Follow these age guidelines to help determine which fever reducer is best for you or your child. Adults (ages 18 years and older). Fever Control (Adult) A fever is a normal reaction of your body to an illness. The temperature itself often isn’t harmful. It actually helps your body fight infections.

Mar 25,  · Fever is one of the body's most effective ways of fighting infection. The average body temperature is ° F (37°C). But "normal" body temperature varies from person to person. It also changes during the day, rising a bit after you eat or exercise. Apr 11,  · A fever is a common sign of illness, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, fevers seem to play a key role in fighting infections. So should you treat a fever or let the fever run its course? Here's help making the call.