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Feb 10,  · Alberta Bill , the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, received royal assent in December. It amends more than 60 statutes to recognize adult interdependent partners (AIPs) and provide some property rights to individuals in such relationships. Feb 02,  · ADULT INTERDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP Thanks to the actions of Alberta lawmakers, partners who were once “common law” now have the benefit of and access to more equal rights as adult interdependent partners.

BETWEEN: (Name and address of adult interdependent partner) and (Name and address of adult interdependent partner) We understand that by entering into this Agreement we will become each other’s adult interdependent partner and will have all the benefits and obligations of adult interdependent partners under Alberta law. An Adult Interdependent Partner can apply for spousal support from his or her partner after separation in Alberta. Similarly, the child of the relationship is entitled to financial support. Both mother and father are expected to financially support the child until the child reaches 18 years.

) Alberta's New Adult Interdependent Relationships Act child born of the relationship combined with ongoing support pay- ments should reduce the amount of residence share necessary to support a finding of cohabitation" and noting that the economic bur- den placed on parents raising a child "can be a basis in itself for spousal support to be ordered". (d) in the case of an adult interdependent partner referred to in section 3(1)(a), the adult interdependent partner enters into an adult interdependent partner agreement with a third party; (e) one or both of the adult interdependent partners have obtained a declaration of irreconcilability under section 83 of the Family Law Act.

Dec 01,  · Benefits of Adult Interdependent Relationships The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act provides legal recognition of relationships between two people are not married; thereby giving them access to many of the rights, benefits and responsibilities that are afforded to married couples. Alberta Adult Health Benefit dependents In order for Alberta Adult Health Benefit coverage to remain active for dependent children who are 18 or 19 years old, living at home and attending high school, you must complete the following declaration form: Declaration of 18 and 19 Year Old Dependent (PDF, KB).

Apr 21,  · Generally in an adult interdependent relationship, the AIP that owns the property gets to keep the property when the relationship ends. The Adult Interdependent Relationship Act does not provide property division rights for domestic partners. There is no presumed entitlement to property sharing.