Diaper Girl Tia Cyrus gives Adult Baby Morgan Lee a spanking - adult spanking punishment


adult spanking punishment - Diaper Girl Tia Cyrus gives Adult Baby Morgan Lee a spanking

Mike said we would repeat our entire morning again tomorrow PLUS that night and the next I would spend thirty minutes in the corner with the clamps on, followed by a spanking before bedtime. Only then would the punishment be fully over. As bad as the punishment itself was, the anticipation of knowing it would be repeated was just as bad. Spanking therapy is the latest trend to motivate people to achieve their Could submitting yourself to physical punishment be the answer to what troubles you? Spanking therapy is the latest.

We recommend a wide variety of spanking implements from the traditional to the modern. In many cases implements are imilar to those available elsewhere. The difference in implements is the range of materials in which they are available in. Paddles such as the classic oval shape can be made in over twenty types of timber and five types of. usually how many lines? Do you do it before the spanking or do you prefer the naughty one doing them while sitting a red bottom? I have used line writing as an adjunct to a spanking punishment, usually between phases of a spanking so they are indeed sitting on a red bottom. The number, of course depends on the severity of the infraction.

Pick a card get a spanking In this game of cards, you pick a number of cards from a deck and each card contains specific instructions. All cards combined set up a spanking session wich can be - with a bit of strategy and luck - either very sensual or very intense. It is strangely satisfying to be aware, that the reason why my bottom for days after the punishment is sore and throbbing, is that my husband gave me the spanking I deserved. A proper spanking causes dreadful pain and lots of discomforts but it is a big positive influence on my behaviour and it confirms that my husband is in authority.

Spanking quiz for you. 7 Comments. You have been a naughty boy/ girl. Your spanker want to deal with you. You need a spanking as a punishment. This quiz eill help you know your punishment. I know my quiz is pretty simple, hope you enjoy it. If you know how to . No Warm Up – As always, there is no warm up for a punishment spanking. I am going to start spanking severely from the very beginning. Bare Butt & Swat/Lash Area – All spankings will be given on your bare butt, starting from the top of your butt to the upper backs of your legs.

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