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The cornerstone of spanking therapy is the maintenance spanking. This is a regular spanking administer not for fun or punishment, but for mental conditioning. Session will include several (completely optional) spanking opportunities followed by processing and dialogue as you discover your own nuances. This will include the opportunity to experience various spanking positions, a variety of implements, and a various degrees of a spanking.

Disciplinarian, Spankologist, Dominatrix, Adult Baby Mommy. Home. Spankos. Domination. AB's. Online Shop; NO SEXUAL SERVICES. Disciplinarian and Spankologist. Ms. Rochelle can do the three general types of spanking including relaxing, theraputic and discipline spankings. Also included are the following options: Get over here and get the. These sessions can involve directed self administered punishment, a thorough lecture with scolding and/or non corporal punishments (corner time, lines, etc.), spanking story time, or discussions about spanking, the spanking scene, and how to cultivate spanking relationships.

And if you do a quick Google of the terms "spanking therapy" or "BDSM therapy," you'll see that people are using spanking as more than just a way to get off. This channeling of pain . While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. For example, as sex worker and sex educator Corey More explains, spanking therapy is .