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Benito Mussolini began his political life as a committed socialist. During World War I, he renounced socialism and adopted fascism. 2 In May , Mussolini signed the Pact of Steel with Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini *+Politiker, Italien/45 Diktator ItaliensDie Leichen Mussolinis und seiner letztenBegleiter auf dem Piazzale This image contains nudity.) FEMEN activist with body paint reading 'To fascism neither honor nor glory' during a rally commemorating the 44th.

“Vincere” explores the secret life of Benito Mussolini’s lover—and self-proclaimed spouse—Ida Dalser and the emotional and psychological torture she endures as a result of being swept. Timeline Description: Benito Mussolini was an Italian dictator before and during World War II. He was captured but then rescued from prison. He was eventually killed by the Allied Powers.

Mussolini had been Italy's fascist leader since , first as prime minister and, following his seizure of dictatorial powers in , with the title Il Duce. He took the country into World War II on the side of Nazi Germany in June Mussolini: The Father of Fascism. Was upset over the Treaty of Versailles (Benito Mussolini). Italy received very little from it. Member of Socialist Party – Became member of the middle class in When Italy joined the Allies, Mussolini joined the .

With Mussolini ’s Italy, R.J.B. Bosworth—the foremost scholar on the subject writing in English—vividly brings to life the period in which Italians participated in one of the twentieth century’s most notorious political voyeured.xyz Duce’s Fascists were the original totalitarians, espousing a cult of violence and obedience that inspired many other dictatorships, Hitler’s first Reviews: Benito Mussolini Life. Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, outside the village of Dovia di Predappio in the Northeastern Italian province of Forli. He had one sister and one brother. They always fought and argued over little petty things with each other. His sister name was Edvige and his brothers name was Armaldo.

Rachele Mussolini (née Guidi; 11 April – 30 October ), also known (particularly in Italy) as Donna Rachele (Italian for "Lady Rachael"), was the second wife of Italian dictator and fascist leader Benito Mussolini, the daughter-in-law of Alessandro Mussolini and Rosa Mussolini and the sister-in-law of Arnaldo Mussolini. The state also reached into most aspects of daily life with programs for adults and children. Adolf Hilter and Benito Mussolini in Venice in Wikimedia. Mussolini’s Italy had its own secret police, which were less fearsome than the Nazi SS and Gestapo but which were nonetheless avoided as much as possible by the Italian populace.