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As an adult going back to college, it’s helpful to decide whether you want to study for general interest or build skills and knowledge toward a future career path. Once you’ve made that decision and isolated the programs that offer what you seek, . Feb 08,  · Adult students who aren’t tech savvy may want to brush up on their computer skills, given that so much of college these days, including turning in .

Aug 10,  · Reality: While it might be difficult for an adult with a full-time job and family responsibilities to go back to college, it’s not impossible. There are many college programs that offer part-time and online courses for tremendous flexibility, which allows students to meet their professional, family and academic obligations. Aug 26,  · The Great Recession of sent adult learners flooding back to college, aiming to finish degrees or gain specific skills to boost their employability, make a career change or get a Author: Emma Kerr.