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Cons of stem cells research. There is limited ability of the adult stem cells to grow in culture for long time and they cannot distinguish from others. Moreover, we do not have any technology to produce these cells in huge quantities. The human body may not accept embryonic stem cells through transplants because no process is there to generate. Stem cells are in all of our body and lives, but are far more potent in a fetus (also spelled foetus, fœtus, faetus, or fætus) than in an adult body. Some types of stem cells may be able to create all other cells in the body. Others have the potential to repair or replace damaged tissue or cells.

Jul 12,  · Stem cells are those kinds of human cells that have not yet developed fully. The research on stem cells has been done for years together now. Let us look into the three types of stem cells. They are embryonic stem cells, pluripotent stem cells and adult stem cells. Now we look into the pros of cell therapy. Pros of Cell Therapy. Jun 24,  · Use of adult-derived stem cells—known as induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs)—from blood, cord blood, skin, and other tissues have been demonstrated as effective in treating different diseases in animal models. Umbilical cord-derived stem cells obtained from the cord blood also have been isolated and used for various experimental treatments.

Feb 04,  · That is where a majority of the embryonic stem cell research pros and cons focus on when discussing this subject. How you personally define human life will usually dictate which side of the debate you support. List of the Pros of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. 1. The embryonic stem cells are harvested days after conception. Nov 03,  · Stem cells can be collected directly from the blood. Issues of Adult Stem Cell Transplantation. Adult stem cells may be found in the brain, pancreas, liver, bone marrow, blood, muscle, skin, and some other parts of the body. Adult stem cells can become any one of the kinds of specialized cells formed in the tissue in which they were collected.

Feb 11,  · Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. Not only do they have the ability to turn into other cells but they can also proliferate indefinitely. In contrast, normal cells can only replicate themselves. Jan 26,  · Stem cell research has been around for quite some time and it is a major issue of debate. With the medical advancements and new breakthroughs in this research, there are both pros and cons to the research and application of stem cells in treating a lot of diseases.

Pros and Cons of Adult Stem Cells Adult organism stem cells are a “repair kit” that the body uses to heal organs and tissues. As a person ages, however, this depletes their store of stem cells, which in turn decreases their ability to heal an affected organ. Jul 12,  · Adult stem cells can be used to replace the blood-cell-forming cells that have been destroyed by chemotherapeutic agents or those which can’t be produced by a new bone marrow which has not started to work after the transplant. it is very difficult to include all the pros and cons of stem cell research in an article. However, it can be Location: Truxtun Ave # B, Bakersfield, , California.