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Extra Strength Condoms are slightly thicker than normal condoms to give you some additional peace of mind. These extra strong condoms still allow you to enjoy the experience, but do it while ensuring that you are protected. Mar 12,  · One of the thickest condoms is Lifestyles Extra Strength, with the thickness of mm. For comparison, regular condoms are usually around mm thick, while ultra thin latex condoms are around mm thick (these days there are even thinner condoms and you can learn more about them in the thinnest condoms post).

Durex Extra Strength condoms are stronger and more durable to give you reassurance. They are formulated with a special premium latex film to provide stronger condom protection. Durex Extra strength condoms are available in lubricated only, these power players make for safe love which means great love. LifeStyles Extra Strength Condom. Lifestyles Extra Strength is one of the thickest condoms mm) made today. The increased thickness makes this Lifestyles more durable. Dependable and durable for today's men/5(71).

Jan 17,  · Look out for condoms labelled Extra Strength or Extra Safe, since these are usually considerably thicker than regular condoms. We found Durex Performax Intense to the be the best condom for lasting longer, though there are plenty of options. Buy: Durex Extra Strength Condoms: Kimono Thin. Kimono Textured. Thin: Silicone lubricated condom featuring a form fit shape—much thinner than competing thin condoms. Textured: Silicone lubricated condom with dots and ribs. This texture on an ultra-thin condom adds tingling feelings for both partners.

Durex is the world's No.1 brand for condoms. From ribbed and dotted to our slightly thicker, Extra Safe condoms, discover our expertly designed range of condoms created to enhance your sexual experience. Buy now for fast and discreet delivery. Thick condoms feature a slightly thicker latex material than standard varieties to provide the extra protection you demand. Also recommended for anal sex.

Lifestyles Extra Strength: It's thicker to be stronger, yet provides sensitivity Reservoir tip for added comfort and safety Made of the highest quality latex LifeStyles latex condoms are tested more than three times to ensure they meet U.S. testing requirements and provide you with a highly reliable product/5(20). LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling Lubricated Latex Condoms, 40 Count - Best Extra Strength Condoms Ultra Sensitive Latex Condoms: These ultra thin lubricated condoms provide the most natural feeling experience; Made from high-quality, low scent latex with supreme tensile strength and resistance to breakage.