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Whether it be lavish interiors or simplistic homely acts, artworks have repeatedly visualized domesticity as a worthy subject. While most European art was historically centered around religion, the 17th century saw artists begin to move towards domestic scenes that were absent of Christian idols. Erotic is defined as arousing or satisfying sexual drive; of, pertaining to, or treating of sexual love, and subject to or marked by strong sexual desire. Although the definitions are similar, there is a marked difference that is implied. That difference is that what is erotic has a mental component as well as a sensual component.

Sex and Domesticity. 02/08/ pm ET Updated Apr 10, "The most erotic thing a man can do for a woman is the dishes." millions of semi-domesticated men hang out for more wisdom on which chores to do and how to time them for maximum erotic payback. If you're one of them. The romance of domesticity must be rooted in a culture that nurtures our ability to experience wonder in the ordinary. In the end, however, this romance cannot be completely borrowed. Every domus, like every person, involves a singular and deeply personal encounter with the .

Domesticity is celebrated, but it is also a thing of the fading past. SENTIMENTAL REALISM In the words of Joyce W. Warren, late-nineteenth-century realists—meaning male writers such as William Dean Howells and Henry James —"established themselves in opposition to the feminine and asserted their realism by differentiating it from women's. Fashion and domesticity in Swedish advertisements and fashion magazines, – domesticity. Vanity, gossip, and erotic desires were staple goods. fi ctive realism or realistic.