Mom Watches dad Fuck NOT her daughter - fuck islam and fuck the christianity


fuck islam and fuck the christianity - Mom Watches dad Fuck NOT her daughter

I just want to say it. FUCK JESUS CHRIST! FUCK CHRISTIANITY! FUCK GOD! FUCK THE HOLY SPIRIT! AND FUCK CHRISTIANS! I just had some fucking fundie named Brian tell me on this post on the main blog that I was backslidden and that I was still a Christian. Thats BULLSHIT! I am an EX-CHRISTIAN and an A. Fuck Christianity March 5, · Since the beginning of Facebook, Fuck Islam, was the original group that left a historic mark in the news and on well of course Facebook.

Shop high-quality unique Fuck Islam T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. There are 3 major religions in the world consisting of Judaism, Christianity and Islam yet only one fucking religion continues to produce sick fuck after sick fuck that act in a barbaric manner all in the name of Islam.

Islam would happen to any religion when it gets out of hand. Remember the Inquisition or Crusades? Yeah. Back then there were people yelling "fuck Christianity." Really, I don't like any religion. I'm pretty sure the Hindus being sacrificed to Khali were yelling "fuck Khali" and the Aztecs being sacrificed were doing the same thing.