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Jan 04,  · Everybody needs certain vitamins and minerals for their overall well-being and good health.1 However, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant need to get much more of certain vitamins and minerals as compared to other people.2 Such women especially need to increase their intake of folic's everything you need to know about prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins also typically have less of other ingredients, especially vitamin A. Too little vitamin A is problematic for pregnancy, but too much preformed vitamin A can lead to pregnancy .

Folic acid plays an important role for women and their babies during pregnancy and beyond, including the time when they’re breastfeeding.. Folic acid has incredible benefits for women as well as . Two crucial nutrients – folic acid and iron – are almost always included in prenatal vitamins because most pregnant women don't get enough of them from food alone. Folic acid. Getting enough of this B vitamin in the month before you conceive and very early in your pregnancy .

A prenatal vitamin includes all the vitamins and minerals a pregnant woman needs. Taking too many vitamins or minerals may harm your babies. For example, large doses of vitamin A may cause birth. When you are pregnant you need micrograms of folic acid each day. Because it’s hard to get this much folic acid from food alone, you should take a daily prenatal vitamin with at least micrograms starting at least 1 month before pregnancy and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

After baby is born, I recommend remaining on your prenatal vitamin for at least 3 months, and if you are breastfeeding, at least 12 months, including for a few months after you’ve weaned to replenish your nutrients – and if you plan to become pregnant again – just stay on the prenatal vitamin . Aug 13,  · Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins that are specially formulated to meet the increased demand for micronutrients during pregnancy. They’re intended to be taken before conception and Author: Jillian Kubala, MS, RD.

Mar 17,  · At MotherToBaby, we answer many types of questions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But hands down, the most common question I’m asked about involves prenatal vitamins. Many women ask me what brand of prenatal vitamins . Dec 14,  · Because the diet of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman may not contain enough iodine to meet the RDA, the American Thyroid Association external icon and the American Academy of Pediatrics external icon recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women take a daily multivitamin or prenatal supplement every day containing µg of iodine.. Not all multivitamin and prenatal .